For the love….

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No electronics, today was the anti-gizmo. We rode on Tuesday after a gorgeous snowfall only for the love of riding.


Khaleesi is slightly less of an anchor, she’s starting to move along with us.


Faygo is more patient and I was Stacy Westfall for parts of the ride- no hands on Faygo! Well, I’m no Stacy Westfall, but I tried to channel her spirit a bit today.

Here is a short video of us trekking through the gorgeous woods in snow. Glad you could join us!

For the coldest parts of the week the girls have been eating hay and staying warm as possible. I’ve decided that single digits is just too cold to ride (and forget it with the negative temperatures!) It’s not great for their joints and muscles to have to work in that extreme cold, and hard on their lungs if they are breathing hard with such cold air. Oh- and my face might freeze off.

So we are on a break for now, and then I am taking a few days to go with the horse riding girls to Florida where it is still summer. When I get back… spring will be much closer, and we’ll have work to do!

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