Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quick update for ride week!

Yesterday we put shoes on Khaleesi. My farrier asked if we should sedate her to ensure she had a good first experience (and for his safety should she jerk her foot away with nails in it). I said we could, but let’s see how she does at first.

She was awesome! She stood quietly and still and did better than a lot of the experienced horses he shoes.

Of course every time he put her foot down and walked by me back to the truck (I was holding her lead rope) he’d say “Breathe Jaime… breathe!”

Needless to say I did not get pictures.

But she has four beautiful cold-formed shoes and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Kate and I took a beautiful evening ride that turned into coming in after dark in a big moon. It was a great ride, the shoes if anything only improved her trot and we had a nice quick pace.

It was my first time on Khaleesi in dusk/dark and Kate’s first night ride. We all enjoyed the special magical feel of the woods as the light changed and there is something to riding a horse when you can’t see as well that makes you more aware of your partnership and trust.

Now on to the stressful part of getting ready for this weekend alongside lots of work for my “school year” to begin very soon after being on an almost 2-week vacation away from home!

It will all work out… stay tuned for updates from Iron Mountain Jubilee! Wish us luck!

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3 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. I’m so glad you’re home!! I’ve been checking daily for updates and being sad you’ve been on vacation. 😉 Apparently even horse people need a break. Who knew?!!

    I know that you do some rocky terrain, and you were having issues with the Rennies on Kahleesi, so I’m curious if that’s why you’ve gone the shoe route?


    1. Yes- we had to give up on the Renegades because they just didn’t really stay on when I needed them most (long rides with wet and rocky terrain). I couldn’t take the chance our first ride would be a failure because the boots didn’t stay on. 😦 I am sad about giving up the boot plan, but I have to say, I’m loving her new shoes!! She doesn’t seem to mind them either!


  2. I fought putting shoes on for a long time. Our horses were wearing their soles too thin so I finally relented. I love them…so much easier than boots and the horses seem comfy. I hope it is the same for you. AND I cannot wait for you to do the ride….Whee!!!!


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