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Thursday, June 8, 2016 

My week hasn’t gone exactly as planned. After a Tuesday with a ton of small bloopers and small mostly harmless mishaps I looked forward to ending the day with a cool drink and a few early packing chores. 

As I jumped in my truck to drive home from the barn – it didn’t start. I was pretty sure it was the starter. 

Ed came to get me and we investigated together. It was the starter we agreed. Upon inspection it was broken and hanging barely in place by the wires. 

Wow- how’d you manage to do that Jaime? Danny the farm manager asked. 

Apparently I’ve got truck destruction powers greater than most. At least that’s what it seems from the amount of work I’ve had done on it this year. 

Each repair I’m certain is the last for a while. I’ve had it rebuilt piece by piece!

Well at least the good news is a starter is simple to replace and not hard to find. If I picked it up the next day Ed said he would put it in after work and I should be fine to still leave Thursday. 

I drive the 45 minutes into town early and bought the part then started thinking… What if this ends up being not so simple. If we wait for Ed it’s after hours and I can’t get anything else we might need. 

Maybe I should try this myself. The guys all said it’s easy…

Called dad. My auto guru. 

Dad- what are the chances I can get this done?

Well… If you can handle geting dirty… We’re talking grease that’s hard to wash off.. And you can handle a broken nail or two and some frustration- maybe cursing… And nothing else goes wrong in the process… All favorable conditions for swapping out the starter… I give you 70% chance of success. 

So I headed to the barn. Some ratchets and tools in hand and a few rags. 

For once I’ll make a long story short:

Danny wasn’t getting under the truck without lifting it off the ground. We used the tractor to put a block under the wheel.

Conditions weren’t favorable- a stud bolt was missing and the way the starter had broken the end of the cone piece was jammed in there and I couldn’t get it out to save my life.

the original broken starter

But after 6 hours including a trip to Monterey (30 minute drive each way) for a bolt and momentary help from someone each time I got too stuck: Dad via FaceTime on and off for advice, Danny, then a random guy who drove up looking for Danny (who also couldn’t get the stuck part out), then Robbie who helps manage the farm next door and I happen to know works on cars (he got the stuck piece out first try like it was easy)…

used my phone to see what was going on inside the hole

the broken off piece

by the time Ed pulled up from work with a few more tools he thought could be helpful- we were just about to try turning her over. 

It was a moment… I had followed through the whole process and done most of it myself and honestly I gave it 50/50 that it would start. 

It did!

Sent my mechanics team off and at least I got the truck and trailer washed and a few things set out. 

Went to finally visit the girls and feed them. Khaleesi has all 4 shoes and looks good! I told her to get a good nights sleep. We are pulling out for base camp tomorrow!

Now I just have to pack!

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