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Update: Sunday March 22 – Tuesday March 24, 2015

As for Faygo, we rode one of my favorite trails on Sunday and did just under 12 miles and with a moving average of 4.6 we’re still improving. I don’t pay as much attention right now to the overall average because I’m not always able to keep moving. Sometimes, especially coming out of winter I have to get off and pull trees off the path or clip through briars to re-open trails. So though it is an important data value, I hope we’ll be able to keep the two moving closer together as we have to stop less and less on our rides for maintenance.

IMG_8322The first 1/3 is straight up the mountain and that was hard on her. Heart rate isn’t a problem, but her breathing is labored on the steep climbs. I believe that’s called “inverted” or “inversion” and I will have a chat with the vet in April about how to best manage this. This isn’t something we can train to improve, Faygo has been ridden around these mountains for over 5 years and this issue with her breathing capacity on hill work has never really changed no matter how great of shape she is in overall. I did get a few more supplement ideas from the endurance folks to run by the vet in case any of them may help her. For Sunday it meant the uphill was slower, and for the hardest parts I got off and walked with her. I encouraged her without demanding she work harder than she was willing. I want to work her, but not hurt her.

At the top, we ride the CCC road for a few miles and mostly gaited (foxtrotting) that section which was fun. Then the last 1/3 is basically back down the mountain which she does really well, but it was a bit muddy, loose footing so we had to just take some care not to slip around and get hurt. We did a respectable time of about 3 1/2 hours on a ride that used to take closer to 5 going leisurely with friends. I had to get off once or twice to move some trees down or clip through something, but I tried not to make it a trail maintenance day. The weather was gorgeous, and though she was tired when we got into the barn, within about 10-15 minutes she seemed perfectly recovered and I would say “fit to continue”.

As for Khaleesi, she has been continuing to improve on stall rest. Here is video from Tuesday, March 24.

She appears to be very close to 100% improved so I put the girls back into their larger field. Upon checking on the today she still appears back to good. I will have the vet go over her in April to be sure nothing is “out” from the experience, but she’ll be going back into light work this weekend and I’ll keep my eye on it. I am very thankful she seems to have recovered on rest, and without expensive vet visits and treatment.

All the girls are happy…. including me!

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