Bad Horsey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4 days to go…..

Faygo waiting patiently at the trail
Faygo waiting patiently at the trail

I am writing this while getting a little fresh air and exercise heading back up the mountain. Hm, this is my second walk. First I went to get the girls from their field to realize I only had one halter. In retracing my steps I had to go all the way up to a step outside the tack room to find the dropped rope halter- then go back down to pick up the horses. Right now- I’m going to collect Faygo who is tied to a tree at our main logging road. I’m sure she’s getting anxious I can hear her calling us. Why would I leave my horse tied to a tree and walk back down the mountain? In search of my other horse no doubt.

‘Bad Horsey’ — she got the nicknam from my dad. I once called faygo my ‘good horse’, meaning the reliable trail mount who is already trained and ready to go. I didn’t intend to imply the Khaleesi was bad- just not as experienced. Now when I call him with stories of the horses they are good horse and bad horsey.

Can't you just stand there a minute without eating or destroying anything!?
Can’t you just stand there a minute without eating or destroying anything!?

Today I was exasperated at best with bad horsey. Although no matter what I still adore her and can’t stay mad long.

After a 30 minute regrouping, we ended up having a really nice ride of about 7 miles and it was largely uneventful until the very end when in a few short minutes our blue skies turned dark and a crisp wind blew in a storm system. We were SO close to the barn and I knew it was time to get moving, Faygo knew it was time, but princess K back there was not concerned:

IMG_8834But I’m tired… why are you guys always in such a rush…. my feet hurt…. 

Faygo and I wondered to each other: Why on earth do we bring her?

So after getting everyone turned back out as the bad weather blew in I started working on my checklist. After a quick lunch and checking in online to my vet records Faygo’s new coggins had come (Hallelujah! the vet said it should be fine, but I worried that hell and high water would never stop us from entering, but some glitch in the coggins test would). That’s great news- then step one moving forward was get horse trailer and truck power washed. The back of the truck was still filled with rocks (don’t ask- they’re for a project) and after unloading the rocks I couldn’t seem to get the angle quite right to hook up the trailer. We finally get on the road, get washed up, get our farm store supplies, have the tires checked all around and just as I’m about to make a bank deposit my cell phone rings.

Khaleesi got out- she is running around in the highway!

Ok, I’m in Monterey, I’m on my way.

I’m imagining a logging truck rolling through there as they do all day long, unable to stop as….

…. as I speed down the highway and then get pulled over by a very relaxed trooper who wants to talk about my weight (I kid not)… Really, you don’t look a pound over xxx (as he glances down into the truck to check for himself). And… Really, it is my job to know these things- who exactly are you and what do you do here?…. So- if you live in Bath Co, what was it that brought you to Monterey today? (I point to the horse feed bag next to me in the front set) Oh, I’m sure your horse will just go back where it belongs… that’s what they usually do…. are you crying?

I have been pulled over before. I have never been detained for so long to talk about random things in an effort to stall in my life- and I thought it might help to start with “I just took a phone call that my horse is loose on 220”. Apparently that isn’t a safety concern of his. My body weight however seemed to be.

An eternity later I was back on the road and found the goober grazing right off the road. I herded her back into her field (where it seems there isn’t enough grass for her needs) and headed home to start making my pot-luck meal for Friday (chili) and try to get these rods cut that Ed needs when he gets home- in like an hour- to help me rig my trailer to carry some portable fencing. The chili gets going fine, but the rods are not cooperating and I’m not even half way finished cutting when Ed comes home to help me.

affixing racks
affixing the portable panels

Pack supplies, grocery store, assemble crew bag, camping bins, fill hay bags…. nope- not check, not check, not check.

For the record, I do NOT feel like an endurance rider today. I feel like a discombobulated mess. I finally got the rods cut and Ed and I went to put them into the trailer- it’s a little jerry-rigged, but it works pretty well. I always appreciate Ed’s help with my horse projects. Considering he’s not interested much in this part of my life, it is always welcomed to get some help on building stuff.

Upon returning home I at least took the hammock to see if I could hang it in my trailer. Indeed- without much trouble I have it working nicely for me and I think I’ll be cozy in there at night. I laid in it for a few minutes working on my attitude adjustment and thought about how “terrible” my day was. Well. It wasn’t the day I’d planned, but I wasn’t all that bad really. No animal or person was hurt, and I’m not as far ahead as I wish I were with my packing up, but there’s still Thursday morning…and Friday too.

I thought back to the morning; arriving at the farm before 8am and the morning light, the apple trees- some in full bloom and some just budding out… horses grazing…it was a pretty morning after all.

This too shall pass!

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  1. What a scramble you had getting through that day, I am looking forward to the review of the rest of your week-end review. Sending positive Vibes! Nette

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