Home sweet home. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Very glad to be home after a nice visit with family. After a 5-day vacation the girls got out for a nice ride in the sweltering 72 degree afternoon. They did better than I’d expected with their winter coats already grown in but we took it easy on them just the same. Choosing a ride that had no big hill climbs and an overall pace around 3.5mph. 

It was a pretty day, pretty ride, and good company (Susan and Nancy). I love that my horses have been so willing to come out and hop on the trailer (they are sending on now pretty reliably) and seem to enjoy getting out and though we are riding a fair amount they don’t seem to be burned out or tired of the work.

I think it helps that we have so much variety in our program- we do some harder conditioning rides occasionally but we mix in some yard work (in the arena), some slow poke take the farm horses for a walk rides, and some pleasure rides with friends too. All require something a little different from them so we don’t get stuck mentally. 

Khaleesi’s boots have been 100% since pulling shoes this winter- if they continue to work this well I might consider pushing back my shoe program just a bit. 

I am feeling pretty good about her heading toward 50s this year. She is getting stronger and faster and more solid mentally each ride. I am really pleased with how well she is doing this winter. 

Our work on walking faster is incrementally coming along. We drag and then trot to catch up much less now- and she trots off less often when I ask her to move out (at a bigger walk). I see nice improvement there. 

More rain in the forecast for this week but we’ll hope to get in a few more rides before work gets going again!


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2 thoughts on “Home sweet home. 

  1. I wonder if wild mustangs after being captured and adopted out maintain their hard hooves? Thinking about what Monty said in his book. Do you think the thickness of winter coats differs between breed and location, I mean cold locations – not like Florida…



    1. Yes- mustangs are known for hard/good feet. And yes- horses also grow coats in accordance somewhat with their environment. I think it takes a little time for that to change- but I’ve heard horses moved from extremes have changed how their coat grown over a couple of years.


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