And the beat goes on. 

Later on Friday night. 

Officially I am thankful for team green member Susan Wager for dragging my lame ‘not-really-endurance-rider-yet’ butt onto the trail for a pretty awesome 16 miles ride on a snowy and windy day.   

The sun peeked through maybe twice, and we laughed and I complained (though she never did!) and I was dragging a spare boot I kept hoping would get ‘lost’ on the trail somewhere (our last easycare boot that never seems to stay velcroed!). No matter what we went through my 3 renegades held on tight- and this sorry back-country boot with the Velcro refusing to stay put in the snowy wet conditions kept on- flapping about the entire ride. 

I will give it to them- this backcountry boot is falling apart but still refuses to die while I wait for a new disc to get the last renegade back into circulation (a freak screw is jammed in the disc). 

That flapping Velcro boot made it the entire 16 miles. 

I am counting the days till we get shoes on (13 days. Eternity but I know it’ll be here before I know it). I will say I’ve put my renegades through the ringer and I’ve had a lot of rides where they’ve been flawless. A few rides they’ve needed attention- and a couple I’ve had a massive fail including a lost boot shell. But after almost a year of pretty high mileage in rough terrain I have never had a shell ‘eaten’ through which I used to have with other boots after a winter season. At the moment faygo is looking at fantastic success with them. I can’t remember the last ride I’ve had to adjust or pick up a boot on her. 

I think there are a few factors: best adjustment (boy is this a learning curve and ‘feel’ to getting them just right), hoof shape (her feet aren’t bad, but they are long and narrow if anything and seem to be able to pull right out of we are on a steep – snowy river steep- hill with soft footing), and movement (I think one reason the boots are working better and better is that last season she was just learning how to carry a rider and use her body. She did some funny things with her legs like twisting her feet a little into the ground to start a canter… I think she’s starting to get her feet underneath her literally). 

Still my horses in full work are doing best in metal shoes under a fantastic farrier I would trust my horses life with.

Otherwise after a hot tub soak, looking back it was a fabulous ride and the footing was much much better on the forest roads than I’d thought (the wooded trails are still slippery). 

I am always grateful for those who help or join team green along the way (that line is a bit blurry), but special thanks today for Susan and Faygo for dragging us out at the tail end of February when I would have rather hidden in my house by the Woodstove. 

Oh! And for an awesome shirt design for our team. Go go go green to 100!  

new logo!

Here are some pics:


new shirts in action
absolutely loving this girl more each day
peggy sue found a deer leg snd jogged miles next to us- at a few points khaleesi would reach over to check the prize out
green training team susan and faygo

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