Get it done. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

To follow up – pretty quickly – to my last blog; I did get back on that mare and we had a good ride. 

There’s something about being tossed that changed something in me. 

In looking back I think she was begging me to be a good leader like a kid who throws a tantrum and wants their way in reality does want a strong parent they know their limits and feel safe with. 

Then she gave me another chance (on the trail) to step up. 

Today I felt different – we are doing a job and I can be a good boss but you work for me. 

It’s that simple. Get it done. 

To start I went into the field and both were a ways off. Holding the rope halter I watched and waited to see what would happen (prepared for anything… she could head to the far corner, she could do her bucking and running act, she could come right to me…). 

She walked to the water trough, stood a moment in the corner not facing me.

I stood still where I was.

She meandered to an empty feed bowl and licked the bottom for crumbs. 

I stood still where I was.

She walked toward me and stopped in front of me looking into another nearby feed bowl (empty).

I stood still where I was.

She reached her nose toward me. 

I reached out to her neck and gave a rub. 

She stood still. 

I haltered her and we walked out together. 

She was great at all speeds and had perfect back ups to without aid. She was tuned in to my every move. 

We went to meet a friend for a good 12 miles and I acted (in Dr Bennetts words) more leaderish which seemed to translate my horse more followerish.   

 I upped my game and she responded wonderfully. It wasn’t perfect – she hates sharing the trail and we humans forced that issue a lot trotting along side-by-side and me always ahead of a little snarl or positioning (possibly- I never let it get set up) to throw a warning kick. 

It was a nice ride on a lovely early fall morning. 

Back on track for now at least!


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