Time in the field

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sometimes it’s good (for someone like me) to slow down and take a lesson from the horse world about life. 

Green to 100 is about the journey to a goal.

I’ve been reflecting recently on the journey and what is important along the way. How do the lessons from my horses translate to my larger world and help me to be a better person? Have they been making it across the … um… horse-human line?

Sometimes yes, but also as I think honestly… maybe not. 

It was a rainy afternoon and in a small clearing I went to the barn to feed and just walk the field with my mares. 

As I walked the horses came along- always a few steps behind. If I stopped they stopped. As I walked they meandered with me. Always at a small distance when I looked back. 

Once I stood and tried to invite khaleesi in. She came and I fought the urge to rub and pet her- she likes being with me, but I like the physical contact more than she. It’s for me unless she asks for a scratch. She generally puts up with it pretty well, but we just stood next to each other and breathed to smell each other.

There is nothing in the world like horse breath. It is both of sky and earth. Stars and streams. It is magic. 

I asked her what next? In that long lineage of equine wisdom for centuries… tell me the secret. 

She took a partial step and seemed to nod to me… 

you keep walking. 

And I did. 

I assumed I’d lost the girls to the best grass where we’d stopped and they were eating, but I turned to see that though I was waking alone, I wasn’t really alone. 

They were there. Watching me. Following at a distance. Content to be. 

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