The Big Lonely

Friday, October 14, 2016

One of the highlights of endurance training is getting to do it with good friends!

This blog is simply a photo treat of a two day ride I organized to climb some mountains, navigate some rocks, and get some interval training – and also an excuse to have a little girl time. A much needed recharge. 

We had great weather!

We saw some nice views. 

We ran some nice fields…

We saw the leaves change by the hour!

We ate some late apples…

We chatted and laughed…

And then some more- with good fall cheer!

We can’t forget Nigel!

And we made a cozy fire and had dinner before an early exhausted sleep… and then to do it all again! 

It felt like a week!

Thanks to Carrington, Sally & Lynne for riding with my and K so we had some good company as we prepare for Fort Valley! In many ways you are all mentors to me and I’m glad to have our paths cross, join, and meander where they can.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Karin who shared her breathtaking property, spacious fields for the horses, and her home with us. Her gracious hospitality always warms my soul. 

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Violin teacher and endurance rider living in a rural mountain county - one of the least population dense and without a single stoplight.

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