Boot follow up 2

Saturday, January 7, 2017


One more ride with 100% boot success. Only about 8 miles but a fair amount of trotting, slick footing, hills, and snow. 

Temps were colder than I’d anticipated and no sign of the sun. 

I used the vet wrap to help snug the boots and keep them from twisting. In the end the Velcro was completely frozen closed so no chance of them coming undone with snow pack but the bottoms could have still come apart and they did not!

I’m still excited to try the scoot boots as I’m short a front now and using the spare backcountry glove which was tight and frozen on to her hoof! I could hardly get it off once back at the barn. It stays on but it’s too tight and for the long term would rub her heels. 

And the last bit of good news is that our saddle fit seems good. The pad with 2 shims appears to be working well. She has no trace of sensitivity and though a few white hairs are lingering on the right whither area and sometimes I see rougher hairs, we are still clear with her back for now. 

Stay warm out there and I’ll check in next week!

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