What’s in a name?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Meet Wyoming.

She came in late October 2016 with lots of human hopes and dreams she knew nothing about. Her name was Wild Heart.

She was rounded up around Sweet Water Wyoming as a 2-year old wild mustang and lived on a reservation for a couple years. She was picked in a group for the mustang makeover tour but failed out of that process with an injury and went to Tennessee to be gentled and get a base of training.

I found her online – green broke and ready to pick up trail experience. My friend Susan and I went to get her and see how she’d fit for a horse for Susan to ride and me to help along.

Actually most of you know the story.

Due to some physical and other issues likely brought on through inexperience, the riding hopes and dreams have been set aside to sort out the horse’s needs. (Susan will find a horse that better fits her needs) Meanwhile I have an amazing teacher on the farm and am gaining some experience along the way.

Though it’s not the journey I first expected, it’s the one I’m on with her and I’m enjoying each step.

Yesterday I went to feed and check on the mares in the rain and as the mustang was politely following me to her feed dish I heard myself say to her:

Hey there mustang girl- you came here as Wild Heart and you come from the wild, but you are home now. You belong. You aren’t wild anymore. You need a new name.


I just knew it as clearly as I knew Khaleesi’s name the day that happened too.

I hadn’t gone to the barn with any idea that it would be a ‘name day’ but as I stood there with her and reflected on it- it seemed right.

It was well time for the girl to have a new name. And words and names are powerful.

Being a music teacher I talk to my students about the power the human voice carries. Not just in song- but in what we speak. Our words can build up and create good things and our words can tear down and do great damage.

Choose wisely each day. With our horses, the people entrusted to our influence and care, our circumstances and ourselves. And always in truth- never without love.

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