Baby it’s cold outside

Monday, January 18, 2016


I’m not sure if that is the coldest I’ve ridden in or not. It was at least sunny so I thought – why not? So it’s cold. I have layers. 

I often say the only ride I regret is the one I didn’t take. 

I think I could have stayed home today and not regretted it. 

In the sun it felt pretty good really. I was dressed for cold. I had two layers of socks with a warming insole and a toasty toe sticky between inside my insulated winter riding boots. I had my warmest tights that have a full fleece inside and thick outside that I can’t wear in the house without burning up. I wore underarmour then a polar layer with hood under my Horsewear winter coat that also has an extra removeable layer (I have not pulled that coat out yet this season- it hasn’t been cold enough!). I have SSG 10 below riding gloves and my pockets were stuffed with hand warmers. 

I even wondered if it was overkill. 

It wasn’t. 
The first 10 minutes I just thought how pretty the sunny day was. 
After that I spent 80 minutes thinking “holy crap I am seriously cold”. 

I think Khaleesi assumed I was off my rocker but even in her teenage phase she respects me enough not to ask too many questions. The ground was hard and frozen and we only did front boots so she walked along at about 3.5mph the whole 4 miles not seeming to care if we were headed away from home or back to the barn. 

She trudged along with teeny ice balls forming on her whiskers from her moist breath. 

Glad I could regain the feeling in my legs after getting into the warm tack room I thought in the future I might stick to temps above 20 from now on. 

Of course I can’t make any promises……


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