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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cue the suspense music…

After the wonderful glowing report that we were all back on track and looking forward to a fabulous season (barring any unforeseen circumstances) the unforeseen circumstances have come early!

Khaleesi is lame. Bad lame. Like hoping it’s an abscess lame. It does look like it’s in the foot, and there’s some heat in the foot as well. 

I got in touch with Kelly and Brandon immediately and sent video to Kelly- we have an appointment first thing this morning to have her checked out. 

To me it seems most likely this is a product of the same root cause of her occasional lameness. Field rest has always cleared it up in the past but the only way to get a hold of it is for someone to examine her while it’s happening. 

Of course it could also be completely unrelated… but I doubt it. 

It is disheartening to go from great to broken down in just days- but it is heartening to have a team of folks who want to see you succeed: a vet so dedicated she’ll see you on her day off and a farrier who stays in touch and consults with the vet- and says he’ll do whatever we need after the visit as soon as he can. 

In part I hate to even write this post- I feel discouraged and a bit of a failure. I can’t seem to keep this horse sound- it must be something I’m doing wrong. 

But I really am determined to be honest and share the whole story for the ugly hard parts and the glorious success (if we ever get to that!!)

Stay tuned. The saga continues. 

I keep hearing reminders that half the reason they call it endurance riding is how hard it can be just to get to the starting line.  

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