The Journey of BSF 2022

September 14, 2022

Hello Green to 100 friends!

I am working on a reflective update on the lessons and victories of Big South Fork 2022, but meanwhile I’ve compiled a video journey you can enjoy that tells much of the surface story.

In short: 88 miles (an odd accumulation due to going off course on the last loop we rode) in about 22 hours. Khaleesi was counted fit to continue and was all As at 4:18am at our last vet check where we pulled as a rider option because the vet and manager told us officially we are free to go back out. The last loop was going to take more than the roughly 2 hours we had on the clock so we pulled voluntarily – healthy horse happy rider – happier crew and staff too I’m sure!

The videos were taken for my TicTok uploads so they are vertical instead of landscape which is why you’ll have the slightly awkward viewing on a screen for a longer form, and I threw it together as efficiently as possible so bear with any imperfections- all the videos are unedited live shots at the time… forgive the amount of times I repeat words at 2:30am such as fabulous and super… at least I’m not repeating words like painful and frustrating!

In fact as I reflect from making this video today I realize that it’s a really positive piece considering the amount of hours I was awake and the amount of painful things I was actually experiencing (hurting calves, incredibly sore butt being the foremost ones). It is the real-live thing, I didn’t edit out anything negative- except the concern I began to have on Sunday after the ride when we had storms rolling in. I did not video that process mostly because I was just trying to decide how to manage it and it didn’t occur to me it could be the most dramatic part of the day- but we still came up with a positive solution and all was well!

I will leave the rest of the deeper details to the blog post. For now, here’s the video link to YouTube. It’s a 5-day journey centered around the actual ride in about 14 minutes. I hope you enjoy the ride!

To link to the video click here:

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  1. I can not tell you how excited I was to watch this video!!! You have been working your butt off for years to get here and I am so proud of you and that amazing mare. Way to go!!!

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