Friday, February 12, 2016

After racking up almost 50 miles last week on Khaleesi – we took advantage of mild weather and some available time that doesn’t always come so easily… This week is for some healing and recovery. 

It’s the perfect week for it because the weather has turned winter with a vengeance. Cold wind, snow flurries and temps this weekend that will dip into negative territory and highs in single digits.   

I’ve always been told that rest is more important than most riders believe and to work hard to find the balance between metabolically fit without overstrssing tendons, ligaments and bones to the edge of injury. 

So I visit to feed and put some energy into  other things in my life that need some attention. If the weather stays bad next week will will just stick to some relationship and training at home time.   

We could all use some down time here and there. 

Meanwhile we did a little photo shoot with the Knotty Pony rope halters that I am LOVING!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Hitch and I went on a fairly long trail ride yesterday. Not nearly as long as you go on, but enough to get out. It was really hot and humid so by the end of it, he was drenched in sweat. Starting at his neck and all the way to his flanks. You were touch him, and your hand would be wet. Today he has a much deserved day off although knowing him, he’s playing up a storm in the pasture with all the other horses 🙂

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