Last few days before the No Frills, April 2016

What do we do the week of the ride?

Ride… A little.

Take a leg stretching leisurely 5 mile ride on Tuesday with no goals except to enjoy the horse-human relationship. No speed work, no mountain climbing, we used our horsemanship open to and close a lot of farm gates (mounted) and explored some open woods that could mean a new route someday. 

We meandered through trees, got stuck in some random ancient fencing (trust building!) and took a few fun canters and jumped some downed logs in the trail. We rode under 2 hours and did the ‘F’ word – according to a friend of mine. 

That is F-U-N. 


We had some fun leisurely grooming which involved the clippers. I got a decent trace on Khaleesi (it’s not professional groomer looking but will help her stay cool) and though Faygo is not a fan still, we got a little Frankenstein cut on her sides. Considering a year ago I had to sedate her to get the clippers anywhere near her- this is actually a pretty big accomplishment. She isn’t as easygoing as Khaleesi but we got a few good swipes that will help her cool.

She can tolerate a couple minutes and then she gets antsy which leads to highly unhappy which would eventually lead to melt-down if we allowed the process to continue but we stop when we’re ahead and she realizes she didn’t die and I didn’t hurt her. 

Packing and tack/brush cleaning!

My favorite thing about using biothhane tack is how easy it is to clean. Yes. I ran it through the dishwasher! I love that! Halters and pads in washing machine and no leather to oil. 

Packing gets easier each ride as I start to leave things in tubs unless I need them!

My running checklist gets updated each ride with new tweaks to the system. 


Open up some more pasture

The girls get some extra grass before the ride. Not all of it (now I’m terrified of too much change right before an event) but I gave them some of that sweet grass the electric fence has been protecting. They were on it like flies on horse poo!


my helpers

Mix up some electrolytes 

We have a new recipe and are using enduramax. It combines better in the blender so this is the new night before travel routine. Hopefully they will like the recipe and it will help them have a successful day!

As promised after Leatherwood I have also cut up some carrots and apples for quick snacking and will carry some on the trail along with a handful of alfalfa cubes. I won’t feed bulk alfalfa hay but I think the cubes can be a good quick treat. 


And last of all I am hoping for the last true sleep I’ll get in the next couple days since I can’t sleep soundly in camp – at least not before the ride. I’m still up later than I’d wanted with last prep due to working all day but now it’s as done as it can be before throwing ice in the cooler and the last bag on the truck. 

So a few minutes in the hot tub and a last cup of water (yes… No bourbon tonight for me) and a moment to take in the full moon and I will to my best to get some rest. 


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4 thoughts on “T-minus

  1. Saw the recipe up above. Let me know how it works out for ya’ll? I’ve been doing Enduramaxx with applesauce in a syringe, but he still HATES it. Can’t hide it with his foot because he won’t eat it. FRUSTRATING.

    However, a friend let my boy try some of her Dynaspark out on the trail, which seemed to pep him up. Like night and day, so I picked up some of that too. Might have been the molasses…who knows, but if yours works, I’m gonna try it myself!!

    Good luck and good ride!!

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