Green for green

The truth is I’ve never felt very certain about anything this year… If I wasn’t certain before, this helped clarify: If we are doing 100 this year, it is NOT going to be at BSF. Gradually it became settled. The OD 100 is the plan, it probably was always the plan.


May 1, 2019 I have struggled to write since my last post; it’s been the longest hiatus since I began the blog. It’s not due to lack of activity or material as much as there have been many seeds coming up all over the place with no finished concepts maturing into a blog that wouldContinue reading “Eighth”


Saturday, April 21, 2018 Friday morning was cold and windy and I had to put a fair amount of effort into keeping Khaleesi’s attention. I was not completely successful even as we walked my speed onto the open for competition trail past the starting line following 10 minutes of asking for a walk and gettingContinue reading “Success.”

Odds are

Thursday, April 19, 2018 Well today is load up to my favorite ride of the season and anniversary of sorts as it was my endurance event as well. The Old Dominion No Frills 55. Last weekend I spent two hot days (high of 80 on Friday) riding with my endurance friend Sally and a friendContinue reading “Odds are”

Refined through the fire. 

April 26, 2017 Where to begin? There’s been a lag in my blogging because I’ve been too busy doing to catch up with writing. Let me try to sum it up. Since my last blog post: my mother came to visit. We hosted a two-day private horsemanship type clinic together with friends (horsemanship seems theContinue reading “Refined through the fire. “

Plan B

Monday, April 25, 2016 Here is my No Frills 2016 recap. We arrived at a decent time on the second day which meant the primary camp was full and we were in the suburbs. The walk to everything is farther- but the flip side was we had a little more space to spread out. TheContinue reading “Plan B”

Anniversary… Of sorts. 

Friday, April 22, 2016 Last year the Old Dominion No Frills ride was my first taste of the endurance community.     The low was 35, it drizzled all night and I slept in my open trailer – cocooned in my hammock with 5 layers including a hat and scarf to keep from freezing.  This year itContinue reading “Anniversary… Of sorts. “


Last few days before the No Frills, April 2016 What do we do the week of the ride? Ride… A little. Take a leg stretching leisurely 5 mile ride on Tuesday with no goals except to enjoy the horse-human relationship. No speed work, no mountain climbing, we used our horsemanship open to and close a lotContinue reading “T-minus”