Anniversary… Of sorts. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Last year the Old Dominion No Frills ride was my first taste of the endurance community. 

The low was 35, it drizzled all night and I slept in my open trailer – cocooned in my hammock with 5 layers including a hat and scarf to keep from freezing. 

This year it is my 6th ride and it is drizzling again, but with a low of 55 and I’m tucked into an upgraded trailer and it’s too hot to get into my sleeping bag yet. 

Last year I was all alone and didn’t know a soul and was thankful to Pascale for helping me sort out the details of my first base camp. 

This year I am surrounded by a team green-to-100 crew of Susan, her two duaughters (Jessica and Kathleen) and Kathleen’s boyfriend Charlie. 

We drove through the rain to get here- then got a long afternoon break to set up camp. 

Both horses vetted in perfectly- well except that Faygo had someone crossed the electric fence at home yesterday and ate all the good grass she wanted. Not truly a problem but herbody condition score was a ‘6’ which is still well in healthy range but I had to wonder if a day on the whole pasture gave her that little grass belly look.

Body condition score is 1-10 with 1 being emaciated and near death and 10 being super obese. 5 is the middle and a good score- but it depends on the horse and breed. A lean muscled Arabian might score a 4 and still be healthy but a well built stock horse could be at peak in a 6. 

Either way – whatever number you assign her, she is in exactly the condition I’d like to see her in. She’s not an Arab and will never have that anorexic look. 

Khaleesi got a ‘5’ but by a different vet. 

As I enjoy the rain on my roof I get ready to get some sleep before A leisurely start time of 9am- the vet check is too small at this ride to overlap so the 55 riders leave at 7am. That gives them a 2 hour head start to get in and out before the first wave of 30 mile riders. 

It’s nice to get some extra morning time, and we are looking at a cool day tomorrow- but the normal drawback to a later start is dealing with higher temperatures in the afternoon. 

It’s nice to be back at what has become one of my favorite rides!

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