The in between 

Monday, July 12, 2016

What on earth has green been up to lately? We are taking a little time mid-summer to not march incessantly toward our goals… Enjoying the ride so to speak. 

After the OD Khaleesi got a solid two weeks off. I’m happy to report that poulticing and wrapping her legs and maybe just continuing to work those tendons seem to be helping. The fluid was already less than last fall and the spring Bilmore 55 even though we trotted a good 12 miles on hard pack at the OD which is what I think is hardest on her joints. 

Y’all are crazy…

Is what my farrier says no matter what the subject when I talk to him about our program and what is working and not and advice from him- one of the smartest horse guys I know. This was in response to a picture of the limestone ridges on the trail and then talking about the impact of the hard pack and asking what he thought of her legs and joints. 

They seem good to me- I usually notice if anything seems off when I’m working on their feet. 

Good. That is also how I felt. 

So we are starting to ride again in between struggling with my garden and trying to continue to balance life and work, summer volunteer commitments and even making hay for friends to get through the winter (much of my hay is already there on the farm in the form of some pretty nice small sized round bales that I like to have in the worst of winter. I know square is ‘better’ but it’s more important to me they have 24/7 forage access especially in the worst of the wind chills and below freezing temps).

Since we have no events until the end of August I’m enjoying Khaleesi and we’ve done some trail clearing rides, a good mountain rocky climb as well as gone alone for a speed loop in mid-day heat.   

We kept a very respectable 5.7 overall with our moving average at 6.5. We trotted the entire loop except a few short canters and I loved seeing her heart rate even on a warm July afternoon hanging between 105-120 depending on the incline. She dropped easily into the 60s when we’d walk and stand in the river.

I also have a go-pro now! Though I’ve played with it I haven’t figured out how to share the video clips and I’m sure you’ll be the first audience to see some of the nauseating canter through the field footage. 

I’ve spent a little time during this ‘in between’ time reflecting on the process we’ve gone through and though I still have some fine tuning and things I’d like to improve, I feel good about what we’ve accomplished as a green team.

I know there were some who thought I’d lost my mind taking on such a project but a lot of people gave me support and encouragement and believed in me and my process. As much as anyone can say in this business I am enjoying a solid relationship with an equine partner who thinks enough of me to keep me safe up there and works together with me as a team. 

And she makes me laugh!

Just today in the barn I spent a few minutes scratching her ear. The mare who often seems to say don’t touch! Said instead yes- that’s the itchy spot… Now the other ear… Can you rub my head too?

Then she lowered her head to my knee and pushed her nose into my leg. Gently. 

It was a nice moment to share. Sometimes the journey is the goal…

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