Friday, January 13, 2017

She asked if we could find some mud to train in. 

After frozen ice and snow with a low Sunday night of 3 degrees, the temps rose to almost 60 Thursday with bouts of rain coming through. 

This ridge road was a total mess in spots. After climbing to the ridge (which is a big climb) we chugged through the worst of it at a walk, trotted when we weren’t so deep, and enjoyed the more forested areas where the footing was pretty nice. It took 4 hours to do the 13 miles of out and back – we definitely got in a good training ride! 

The new scoots have just arrived (not in time for the mud ride). I was shocked at how well the old boots (duct tape and vet wrap program) held up even when sucked completely into mud holes. 

I twisted a front renegade about mile 8 and put the muddy thing back on Velcro and all. At that same stop I pulled her into quicksand basically to get on in a good spot at the edge of the trail and as soon as I got on and she pushed herself out of the muck a back boot twisted around. After fixing that immediately we were off and not another loss through more mud and some decent trotting. 

Excited to try the scoots. Report soon!