Saturday, January 21, 2017

Those who know me will not find it hard to agree when I say subtlety is often lost on me. 

I have a (now) favorite story where God continued to try to point me the right direction and I resisted until I finally pulled a muscle trying to go my own way. I finally looked up to the sky and relented

Ok ok ok ok ok… I get it… I’m on board and hear you now. 

I can be a little hard headed. Headstrong. Deaf. Determined. It depends on why you ask. 

This sometimes works to my advantage as I don’t take obstacles as problems as much as opportunities and believe anything can be accomplished with the right effort, time, and creative mindset. 

However it also works against me when I’m too blind and deaf to notice the circumstances around me tell a different story than the one I thought I’d begun with. 

Either way I have been making an effort to pay attention and grow to be better and more effective in the long run. 

Every two or three years (usually in winter) I get sick… cold or flu. I’ve learned one thing when that does come around it’s an opportunity to realize it’s time to slow down.  

In fact I’ve looked around me this week to see a compounding of circumstances that seem to be a very loud suggestion: It is time to slow down girl. Now. 

  1. I’ve got a cold – not debilitating but I don’t feel great and am congested especially at night. 
  2. Khaleesi has had a mystery mild lameness. 
  3. My new hoof boots came in the wrong size so I have to wait another week to get them exchanged. 

The tempting warm temps today along with starting to feel better and Khaleesi seeming to be back on…. mostly… as of yesterday tempted me to throw on her bareback pad and go out for a light walk in the woods today.

But I remembered back to that lesson it took me some pain to learn and I thought better of it. 

Khaleesi needs more rest- I don’t want a lingering injury. We still have plenty of time to get out starting later next week. I am not 100% either- and I want to get back to my old energetic self. 

And those hoof boots are still not here. 

When will I learn?

Well. Maybe I have 😃

In the past few days of not riding I have done a lot of work from home to put me ahead on some projects, I’ve done some laundry and basic house things that I’ve put off, and today I moved the electric fence to start getting Heart used to that as soon as possible. 

I also enjoyed some barn time with Khaleesi yesterday (as I continued to monitor her lame status) and then today after putting up the electric fence walked the field and enjoyed being in the herd and spending some non-agenda time with my beloved mares.

Nothing too strenuous. 

As my mentor reminds me often. 

Nothing can replace true rest. 

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